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August 2021 - Cottages and Wetlands

It's prime camping and cottaging season! Are you prepared?  

It's cottage and camping time so here are two items that you must have for outdoor hygiene:
Bar Shampoo/Conditioner - These bars are biodegradable so safe for outdoor showers, campground septic systems and RV holding tanks.  You can even use them at the end of your beach day at the rinse-off shower. 
Hand Sanitizer - Not only does hand sanitizer clean bacteria from your hands, it's great for removing the sticky mess from the campfire Smores. So go ahead, pass it around!

Canada invests $25 million to protect wetlands and grasslands in the Prairies

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change announced on July 23rd more than $25 million in funding to conserve, restore, and enhance critical wetlands and grasslands in the Prairie provinces.
The funds will be distributed to Ducks Unlimited, Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation and are "projected to conserve up to 30,000 hectares; restore up to 6,000 hectares; and contribute to the enhanced management of up to 18,000 hectares of wetlands, grasslands, and riparian areas."

Click the link for the full article on Cision

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