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February 2022 - Linen, Climate Action Myths & Winter Road Salt

The Luxury of Linen

We know linen costs more than your department store sheets but the benefits make Linen Bedding an investment. Flax Linen is naturally temperature regulating, antimicrobial and will look and feel good for years, rather than months. Our linen is pre-washed to eliminate shrinkage and your bedding is made to order by hand for you in Europe.

4 False statements regarding Climate Action:

  • Renewable energy is too expensive to replace fossil fuel
  • Electric vehicles aren't feasible for most drivers
  • Wind turbines kill birds at uniquely high rates
  • Solar panels cannot be recycled and end up as toxic sludge
Visit @tozerotogether for a myth-busting post on these false claims plus more sustainable living facts and tips.

"Winter road salting has year-round consequences

Canadians have a love-hate relationship with road salt. It helps us get moving in the winter months before, during and after a snow storm but, on the other hand, there are very real concerns about the impacts of road salt on the environment.  These concerns don't magically disappear with the snow in spring.  The effects last all year and, in fact, years to come.
Road salt leaches into the underground water systems and negatively affects both freshwater aquatic species and the quality of drinking water that above-ground plants, animals and humans rely on.
Read more on the risks of road salt and what we can do to mitigate the harm here.

Read the full article by Lauren Lawson at

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