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January 2022 - Green Clean & 2021 Climate Review

Provide Comfort For Your Clothes

Give your clothing a break.  Did you know that liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain chemicals and animal tallow to soften your fabrics? Organic Wool Dryer Balls  can be just as effective, and produce absolutely ZERO waste!  They last for months on end and when they reach end of life they can be disposed of in your green bin.  

Here's 5 Tips For a Greener Laundry Routine:

"2021 in review: In a Critical Year For Climate, Nature Took Center Stage"

Some of the most significant studies of the year have been summarized in this article by Will McCarry, found on  You can get the links to these studies  right from this article.  Learn who the innovators of cutting edge climate solutions are, what the latest research is and how, as humans, we can take action.  Thanks Will for bringing all of this vital information together for us!

Read the full article by Will McCarry at


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