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July 2021 - Bars and Bees

The Beauty of Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Restore Through Nature is happy to announce the launch of our newest product, The Bare Home Shampoo and Conditioner bars.  Solid bars, zero waste, biodegradable, all the good parts of salon quality shampoo & conditioner with none of the bad (I'm looking at you Plastic Bottles!)

These bars are scented with Blood Orange and Juniper essential oils which, of course, make them smell heavenly but they don't just smell pretty.  Blood Orange strengthens the hair and Juniper Berry minimizes dryness of the scalp, preventing dandruff.

Bars are super for camping and travelling as well.  They take up less space and won't get tossed in the garbage at the security check.  Just saying....

Environmental Tip of the Month 

How about switching from paper towels to cloth in the kitchen?  You can turn inexpensive tea towels into faux paper towels by cutting them in half and sewing the raw edge.  Choose fabrics that are both absorbent and wash well.  You can add a chlorine bleach alternative to the wash to keep them white and bright (think hydrogen peroxide, or our personal favourite, an oxygen based bleach i.e. Oxiclean or Nellies All Natural Oxygen Laundry Brightener).

Bees and Seeds

You can help boost the local bee population by planting native flowers and plants in your backyard. Besides providing food for bees, butterflies and insects, native plants:

  • Bees move large amounts of pollen between flowering plants, thus pollinating flowers, leading to great seed and fruit production
  • About half of the world’s plant species depend upon animals, like bees, for pollination
  • Some plants require a specific native bee for proper pollination. For example, tomatoes can only be effectively pollinated by Bumblebees, and apples are most effectively pollinated by Mason Bees.
Click here to read Conservation Halton's article "Help Native Bees"

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