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July 2022 - Waterfalls & Icebergs

Our New Waterfall Collection

Local Artist Vibes" is what you'll immediately get when you check out our new Waterfall Collection.  We've commissioned young Hamilton artist Anita Helmers to bring you a different take on beloved Canadian landmark waterfalls.  Anita's art has a unique, homespun feel, while at the same time combining free-hand drawing and graphic design.  The result is a folksy warmth that will be a conversation starter in your home and your wardrobe. 

4 Ways to go plastic-free in honour of Plastic-Free July

  • Avoid using single use take away cups when eating out.
  • Steer clear of plastic packaged fruits and veggies from your produce department - use reusable produce bags instead.
  • Switch out your plastic dental care supplies for sustainable, compostable materials such as bamboo toothbrushes and plastic free toothpaste products.
  • Buy less plastic - choose items with the least amount of packaging, switch to paper packaging from plastic, or choose loose products with no packaging at all.

"How Iceberg Alley got its name and why it may be under threat"

There's a stretch of the North Atlantic Ocean, bordering Newfoundland and Labrador that is well knows for the icebergs that float through.  Iceberg Alley is a common sightseeing destination.  People actually plan their vacations around witnessing these floating mountains of ice that have broken off of Greenland's glaciers.  Will warmer climates render Iceberg Alley redundant?  Read this article from Frederic Cyr, professor in physical oceanography at Memorial University of NFLD.

For the full article click here: The Conversation

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