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June 2022 - Swedes & Bees


5 Ways to use your Swedish cleaning cloths

  • Replace paper towel for cleaning up spills and wiping down surfaces
  • Replace all your fabric dishcloths with the Swedish cleaning cloth - toss in dishwasher to sanitize when it needs a wash
  • Dedicate one for bathroom cleaning - holds up to strong cleaning solutions
  • Use to polish your stainless steel appliances for a streak free finish
  • Replace paper towels for glass cleaning - windows will gleam
Bonus: when it gets worn out (6-12 months) you can compost it because it's totally biodegradable!

"Extreme heat waves threaten honeybee fertility"

Humans are not the only species affected by extreme heat conditions.  Drones, the reproductive male bees, probably are affected the most.  77% of drones die off when exposed to greater than 42C for more than 4 hours. So after a heat wave, the reproductive females (queens) have fewer opportunities to mate thus bee colonies are more likely to collapse. This puts crops at risk that rely on honeybees for pollination. 

For the full article click here: The Conversation

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