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May 2022 - Sustainable Living & the Circular Economy

Here are 3 ways you can save money by living more sustainably:

  • Switch out your lightbulbs from incandescents, which burn out faster, break more easily and consume more energy, to LEDs, which use 90% less energy
  • Use smart technology in your home to control as much as possible i.e. your furnace thermostat or your automatic sprinkler system, lighting
  • Shop for clothing and other textiles secondhand. You'll buy for less, have a host of options in one location, and can shop in person or online - your choice.  

Get Involved In The Circular Economy

When we think about conducting our own research on various topics we don't tend to think about our government websites. Usually we're satisfied, or at least make do, with what the Google nation provides.  Our government, however, has suggestions for all aspects of living in Canada, including environmental concerns at the household level.  

This article outlines some great strategies for homeowners to get involved in the circular economy. It also provides strategies for communities and businesses to become leaders in sustainability and model innovative programs and policies that inspire others.

You'll find funding options for communities and businesses, you can delve deeper into the research or you can access a whole host of resources including more articles on ways to support an environmentally cleaner future.

For the full article click here: Government of Canada: Get Involved In The Circular Economy

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