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November 2021 - Sweater Weather and Peatland Letdown

Do you need incentive to put a sweater on this time of year?

You can save a significant amount of CO2 emissions per year by decreasing your thermostat 2 degrees in the winter and increasing it 2 degrees in the summer, according to the World Wildlife Organization.

Peatlands Protect Against Wildfire And Flooding, But They’re Still Under Attack In Canada

Canada is lagging behind other countries in identifying, mapping and protecting precious peatlands.  Considering the significance of peatlands in helping control wildfires, absorbing CO2 and sheltering sensitive wildlife, Canada could and should be doing more.

Russia, Germany, Great Britain, the Congo, the U.S. and other European countries are all investing in peatland restoration yet Canada has not seen the light.  Oilsands operators, hydro projects and mining companies have little to no regard for peatland as an important natural resource in its own right.

There are researchers working on peatland restoration projects but getting the government and big business to become invested is proving difficult.

Read the full article by Edward Struzik at the The Conversation


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