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October 2021 - Leave The Leaves and Let The Young People Lead By Example

Leave your leaves where they fall this fall

3 excellent reasons to NOT rake up the leaves on your lawn and gardens:

  • Fallen leaves create a wildlife habitat, providing shelter for mammals, insects, pollinators and more. As well, leaf litter provides food and nest material for a host of overwintering critters in your lawn and garden.
  • Leaves form a natural mulch that suppress weeds and fertilize the soil as they break down.
  • Leaves that get bagged and sent to the landfill become solid waste, where they release methane (a greenhouse gas), due to a lack of oxygen and decomposition.
So, "leaving the leaves" leaves you more time to enjoy the outdoor activities you really love!

14 innovations led by young ecopreneurs that are protecting and restoring our planet.

"Sparked by a formidable sense of responsibility, young people worldwide are leading by example. Their actions and innovative solutions indicate the power of an environmentally and technology-savvy generation to bring about real, concrete change."

World Economic Forum received over 170 submissions worldwide in answer to their call to action: #GenerationRestorationYouthChallenge.  the challenge is for "young change-makers with innovative solutions to restore nature".  14 young ecopreneurs have been selected to work with World Economic Forum's platforms and funding partners to bring to life and scale their innovations over the next year.

Read the full article here:  World Economic Forum (Sept. 21 2021)

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