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Fabric Care

Linen Care

Taking care of your Flax Linen bedding will ensure you protect your investment.  

When laundering use a mild detergent that doesn’t contain optical whitening agents, such as The Bare Home laundry detergent we offer.  Whitening agents and bleach will strip the colour out of your beautiful bedding.  As well, if you have hard water you might consider using a softening agent to preserve your colours, particularly important for the darker items.

When new, wash your linen in cool water to set the mercerization process.  Wash separately for the first wash to prevent colour transfer.

Unless your linen has a stubborn stain, resist using hot water (40°C, 10

4°F). A warm water will be sufficient for everyday laundering and will preserve the smoothness of the flax fibres.

Avoid over-crowding the washing machine and if possible select a higher water level to prevent twisting and pulling of the bedding.  This could affect the shape.

You can hand-wash your linens but avoid wringing, twisting or scrubbing the cloth.  Machine washing really is preferential unless your item has a loose weave that may become damaged by the machine wash.

The only colour suitable to use bleach on is white as it won’t strip the colour but keep in mind that bleach is very hard on fabric and can weaken the fibres causing thinning and pilling.

You can hang to dry or tumble dry, your choice.  Using the dryer at extremely high heat can weaken the fibres somewhat and hasten wear so use the least amount of heat you can get a way with.  All our linen products have been pre-washed and shrunk so minimal shrinkage is expected (less than 3%) however an extremely high heat in the dryer will contribute to shrinkage quickly.

Remove from the dryer when finished promptly to reduce wrinkles.  If you are pressing your linen remove from the dryer when it is slightly damp and iron immediately for smoothest results.  Otherwise, smooth and fold the dry linen, or re-apply to the bed immediately to prevent wrinkling.