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Who We Are

We are Debbie Elliot and Patti Hudson. We met when we were about 12 years old, growing up in Burlington, Ontario.  From that time on, we have been steadfast friends, and have shared years of adventures, opportunities and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the years we’ve turned a few entrepreneurial ideas into reality, sometimes together, sometimes independent of each other (particularly during our child raising years).  Once our children went off to school, we found ourselves being able to spend more time together, and we realized that we each had accumulated a great deal of experience from our previous ventures.  We knew those experiences were valuable to launching something that reflects who we are now and what we believe in.

These days our power walks, which include hot tea and EllieMae (aka The Dog) Hudson, serve as business meetings. As we enjoy our teas we talk about this venture we have embarked on and how privileged we feel to be able to bring you the Restore Through Nature collection. We are proud to bring you a collection of products that are responsibly sourced, restore balance and promote your well-being, in a way that respects the earth. This is the end game for us.

Restore Through Nature has been 40 years in the making.  Our hope is that through our products you will experience a sense of calm and comfort while knowing you are also, in some small way, protecting our planet.