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Linen has been a staple in European culture for thousands of years and is enjoying a revival as the appeal for sustainable, earth-friendly choices in high quality textiles is growing across the globe.

Baltic Flax linen products are produced in Lithuania, from sustainable flax grown in Europe.

Production is carried out within 100kms of the warehouse, resulting in the lowest possible carbon footprint.  Flax  is grown with less water and pesticides than cotton.  There is no waste from the flax plant and there is virtually no waste during the production process.  Any off-cuts are upcycled or donated.  As well, all labels are made from organic recycled paper and packaging bags are now biodegradable.

Linen is the sustainable choice for bedding. It is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and temperature regulating so you enjoy a comfortable, restorative night’s sleep.

Baltic Flax linens are not mass produced and although they may take longer to arrive at your door you know you are receiving a product made especially for you.