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3 Colored Wool Dryer Balls
3 Natural Wool Dryer Balls
3 Natural Wool Dryer Balls
3 Coloured Wool Dryer Balls

Ulat Premium Wool Dryer Balls

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Our Canadian-made premium wool dryer balls are made from ethically sourced wool. They will save energy, extend the life of your textiles, and eliminate plastic jugs from your trash.

  • A perfect pairing for your linen and bamboo fabrics as they work best on natural fibers.
  • These dryer balls are a patented design and much larger than competitive brands which means they last longer.
  • Last an average of 100 loads.
  • 100% ethically sourced wool, inside and out.
  • Energy saving because the use of dryer balls can decrease drying time by 30-50%.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable as wool is biodegradable  and a renewable, ethical source.
  • No more plastic jugs of fabric softener needed.
  • Women-led organization.
  • Made in Canada.

Put all three balls in each load and they will absorb the moisture from your fabrics.  When your cycle is done the dryer balls may be moist but just leave them in the dryer. the moisture will evaporate. They will not harbour bacteria so no yucky smell.  They will gradually shrink and when they become firm to touch you will know it's time for a fresh set.

The colours will not fade, bleed or stain your clothes or your machine.


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3 Colored Wool Dryer Balls
3 Natural Wool Dryer Balls
3 Natural Wool Dryer Balls